75th Anniversary Project
In celebration of 75 years of gardening in Goshen we decided to make a
lasting and useful contribution to the town by landscaping an area around a
building at Camp Cochipianee on Beach Street and installing a much-needed
water fountain.  This is the town's recreation area that is used by athletes,
school children and other residents of the town.  These photos show the area
before the work was done, work in progress by the local landscaper we hired
and what it looked like when it was finished
Goshen First Selectman, Robert Valentine
From Left to Right -
Goshen Garden Club Members Ruth Kirkwood,
Jo Radocchio and Cathy Felten, Recreation
Director Dale Ives, Goshen First Selectman
Robert Valentine, Goshen Garden Club
President Marilyn Shull, Goshen Garden Club
members Ronnie Lockwood, Carl Contadini
and Pat Hickey
The following photos were taken at the garden at Camp "Coch" on
Thanksgiving Day 2009.