Goshen Garden Club Bylaws and Job Descriptions



The name of this organization shall be The Goshen Garden Club, Goshen, Connecticut


Our purpose is to encourage an interest in and an appreciation of  sharing knowledge of gardening, conservation and
ecology.  Participation in  community service is encouraged.  


Section 1  Membership shall be divided into two classes:  Active and Honorary.  An Honorary Member shall be chosen for
outstanding service to the Club and may be proposed by any member of the Club to the Board of Directors for election by
same.  Dues are waived for an Honorary Member.  Active members are expected to attend meetings regularly and
participate and contribute in the activities, projects, and all fund raising events of the Club.  

Section 2     A prospective member shall be introduced to the Club by the Membership Chairman.  Attendance at two
regular meetings is required to qualify for membership.  Guest fees paid will reduce the annual membership dues.

Section 3   Dues for the coming year are payable by check to the Treasurer at the Annual Meeting.  Dues shall include the
dues payable to the Federation of Garden Clubs of Connecticut, Inc.  Dues not paid by November 1 shall be considered in
arrears.  Dues payable to the Federation for Honorary Members shall be paid from Club funds.  The fiscal year shall be
January 1 through December 31.  Members who join at the September meeting shall not be required to pay dues for the
current year.       

Section 4   Any member wishing to resign shall submit written notice to the Chairman of the Membership Committee.  


Section 1.  The Executive Officers of this Club shall be President, Co-Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant
Treasurer.  The Executive Officers shall have the power to authorize expenditures beyond the approved budget.

Section 2.  The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of  two persons from the general
membership.  The Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate of officers to be approved by the Board no later than the
July Board meeting.  This slate shall be submitted to and approved by the Board.  The slate will be published in the
Newsletter prior to the September meeting.  The officers shall be elected by a show of hands at the Annual Meeting, the
first Thursday of September.

Section 3.  The terms of Executive Officers shall be two years.  The terms shall run from January 1 to December 31.  

Section 4.  The Executive Committee shall consist of the Executive Officers and preferably two past presidents. This
committee shall have the same power and authority as that granted to the Board to act on all matters of emergency
nature not requiring consideration by the full Board of Directors.  The Executive Committee has the right to act on any
emergency matters without consent of the full Board.  The Executive Committee shall apprise the Board of Directors of its


Section 1   The Club shall meet monthly on the first Thursday unless otherwise scheduled.

The Annual Meeting shall be held the first Thursday in September.

Section 2   Members may bring guests to any regular meeting.  Guest fees shall be at the discretion of the Board of
Directors.  Guests should not attend a regular meeting more than two times in one fiscal year.

Section 3   Special meetings may be called at any time by the President or at the request of the Board of Directors.

Section 4   The monthly membership meeting will be cancelled whenever the Goshen school system is closed due to
inclement weather.  Other regularly scheduled meetings may be cancelled by the President or Vice Presidents.   
Members will be notified by email.  


Section 1   The board of Directors shall consist of the Executive Committee and the Chairman or representative of the
Standing Committees.  All members are welcome to attend Board meetings.   

Section 2   The Board of Directors shall meet  at 11:00 a.m. prior to the regular monthly meeting unless otherwise
scheduled.  A quorum of the Board of Directors shall be a majority of the Board members.

Section 3   Vacancies on the Board shall be filled by the Board, such appointments to serve for the remainder of the year.  
Exception – a presidential vacancy shall be filled by the Vice President for the remainder of the year.

Section 4   The Board of Directors has the power to add or delete Standing Committees.  The President has the power to
appoint ad hoc committees.  The Board of Directors shall have the power to transact general business of the Club.


Section 1   All committee chairmen and positions shall be appointed by the President.  Job descriptions with policies of
each standing committee shall be approved by the Board of Directors.  Each officer and club member shall be provided
with a copy.  

Section 2   Standing committees shall be Fall Fundraiser, Horticultural Therapy, Hospitality, Library Flowers, Membership,
Memorial Walkway, Newsletter, Nominating, Parliamentarian, Photographer, Plant Sale, Program, Properties, Publicity,
Scholarship, Scrapbook Historian, Sunshine, Town Beautification, Website and Yearbook.     


Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised, 11th edition shall be the authority of this club.  


The Bylaws of this Club may be amended at any regular meeting by two-thirds vote of the members present and voting,
written notice of proposed amendments having been presented thirty days prior to that meeting.  All amendments must
have the approval of the Board of Directors prior to membership vote.


Internal Revenue Service:  Upon the dissolution of the corporation (club), the Board of Directors shall, after paying or
making provision for the payment of all of the liabilities of the club, dispose of all of the assets of the club exclusively for
the purpose of the club in such manner, or to such organization(s), organized and operated exclusively for charitable and
education purposes as shall at the time qualify as an exempt organization(s) under Section 501 (3) of the Internal
Revenue Code of 1954 (or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law) as the Board of
Directors shall determine.  Any such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by the Court of Common Pleas of the
county in which the principal office of the club is located, exclusively for the purposes or to such organizations, as said
Court shall determine, which are organized and operated exclusively for such purposes.

State of Connecticut:  To restrict the activities of the corporation (club) so that it shall not be used or operated for private
profit, and no property of the club should inure to the private profit of any member or special group except if the
corporation shall be dissolved, in which instance the assets will be distributed to a similar non-profit organization holding
a valid tax exemption permit issued by the Commissioner of Revenue Services.  

Chartered on March 20, 1933
Bylaws established September 1, 1989
Bylaws amended July 5, 1990
Bylaws amended December 5, 1991
Bylaws amended March 4, 1993
Bylaws amended September 2, 1993
Bylaws amended September 7, 2000
Bylaws amended September 4, 2014


•        Pay dues promptly by November 1 by check.
•        Attend regularly scheduled meetings and trips.
•        Act as Main Hostess or helper at least one meeting per year.
•        Contribute to and participate in Fall Fundraiser and Plant Sale.
•        Participate in at least one committee annually in addition to the Fall Fundraiser and Plant Sale.
•        Advise Membership Chairman of any change in name, address, telephone number, or email address.
•        Wear name badges at all meetings and return to Membership Chairman at end of meeting.
•        Introduce proposed new members to Membership Chairman.
•        Introduce personal guests at meetings.
•        Bring before membership any items of interest to the club.
•        If presenting a program, do so at no charge (except for general supplies for a workshop).


•        Conduct all board and monthly meetings.
•        Act as Chairman of the Executive Committee.
•        Act as Chairman of the Board of Directors.
•        Act as liaison to FGCCT.
•        Act as liaison for committees and projects.
•        Appoint Standing Committee Chairmen.
•        Oversee functions of Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer.
•        Submit quarterly message for Newsletter.
•        Assist in compiling Yearbook.
•        Sign checks in absence of Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer.  Set date for next year’s budget meeting.
•        Make decision as to meeting cancellation and inform membership by email, website and WZBG-FM 97.3 radio.
•        Prepare annual committee reports for FGCCT.  

Co-Vice Presidents

•        Conduct monthly meetings in absence of President.
•        Move up to position of President.
•        Reserve meeting dates and fundraiser dates with Church secretary in January.
•        Choose programs for all monthly meetings.
•        Secure contracts with selected speakers and off-site venues.
•        Maintain records of possible resources for programs.
•        Call speaker and venue representative one week prior to meeting to confirm.
•        Set up audio and visual equipment needed by speaker.
•        Make certain speakers and venues are paid promptly.
•        Compile and submit yearly programs to Yearbook Chairman by December  15.  Forward a detailed copy to
Newsletter, Publicity and Website Chairmen.
•        Write thank you notes to speakers.
•        Prepare Annual Report for FGCCT.
•        Provide any updates to Newsletter, Publicity and Website chairmen.


•        Maintain current signature cards on file with the bank.
•        Maintain all bank accounts and other financial records.
•        Receive membership data and dues from Membership chairman.
•        Issue FGCCT dues check and send to Membership chairman.
•        Pay all bills.  Sign and send all checks.  Have fee ready for monthly programs.
•        Report on financial status at each board and membership meeting.
•        Act as Treasurer for Fall Fundraiser and Plant Sale maintaining records of expenses, counting proceeds and making
bank deposit.
•        Provide notice of July Budget Meeting to membership.
•        Submit proposed budget for August newsletter for vote by membership at
Annual Meeting.

Assistant Treasurer

•        Donate $14.00 from the general funds to the Memorial Garden account upon death of current member.  
•        Maintain a record of all contributions to the Memorial Garden account.  
•        Act for Treasurer in Treasurer's absence.
•        Be responsible for obtaining start-up cash for the Plant Sale and Fall Fundraiser.  
•        Assist the Treasurer with counting the money at the end of the Plant and Fall Fundraiser.
•        Move up to the position of Treasurer.  


•        Maintain minutes of all membership meetings.
•        Maintain minutes of all Board and Executive Committee meetings.
•        Prepare and send all correspondence for Club (except thank you notes for speakers).
•        Prepare and deliver copies of all meeting minutes to President prior to next meeting.
•        Notify President and arrange substitute if unable to attend a meeting.

Past President

•        Act as Parliamentarian for all membership business meetings.
•        Maintain or have access to a current Robert's Rules, as amended.
•        Maintain a list of all properties of the Garden Club.



•        The President should be notified of all meetings.
•        All chairmen are responsible for submitting pertinent information to the Newsletter, Publicity and Website chairmen.
•        All chairmen should attend Board Meetings and report on activities.
•        All chairmen should report on pertinent activities at general membership meetings.

 Spring Plant Sale

The plant sale is one of two major fundraisers of the Goshen Garden Club and is generally held on the third Saturday in
May.  While the committee purchases plants for resale from local wholesalers, we rely heavily on donations of plants dug
from members' own gardens.  

Participation also includes distributing fliers, setting up and pricing the day before the sale, selling on the day of the sale
and clean up.


•        Confirm date and place for Plant Sale with Church.
•        Plan and direct Plant Sale.
•        Obtain plants.  Provide assistance for members who wish to dig and donate plants.
•        Organize and call all Plant Sale committee meetings.
•        Arrange fliers and have them ready for May meeting.
•        Arrange publicity with Publicity chairman.
•        Obtain start-up cash from Assistant Treasurer.
•        Maintain records of successful merchandise.
•        Report profits at June meeting.

 Fall Fundraiser

The Fall Fundraiser is the second of the two major fundraisers of the Goshen Garden Club and is held on a Saturday in
November.  The type of event is at the discretion of the current Executive Board and the Fundraiser Chairman and Co-

Horticultural Therapy


•        Maintain schedule of nursing home visits.
•        Submit schedule to Yearbook Chairman by December 15.
•        Maintain committee list with names, addresses and phone numbers.
•        Assign a Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator for each nursing home.
•        Schedule members for each nursing home for each month.
•        Call substitutes when needed.
•        Track expenses to budget.
•        Maintain relationships with Nursing Home recreational Directors.  


•        Obtain flowers, greens and covered cans.
•        Take flowers, greens, cans, clippers, watering can and table coverings to nursing home.
•        If unable to attend, ask assistant coordinator to do all of the above and notify committee chairman.
•        Submit bills for flowers promptly to Treasurer.


•        Coordinate refreshments with Vice President and proposed program.
•        Compile list of Main Hostess and committees for each meeting.
•        Give guidelines to each Main Hostess.
•        Maintain supplies for monthly meetings.
•        Notify Yearbook Chairman of hospitality schedule for coming year by December 15.  

Library Flowers

•        Sign up volunteers for calendar year
•        Send reminder to volunteers a week before assigned date.


•        Collect dues at Annual Meeting and verify all membership data.
•        Send membership data and money to Treasurer.
•        Establish a committee of members to staff the welcome table and to welcome guests.
•        Maintain meeting attendance records by putting out the sign-in sheet.
•        Maintain and update member badges.  Have available at all regular meetings.
•        Provide guests with name tags.  Introduce guests at meeting.
•        Present prospective members with welcome sheet, which includes an application.
•        Collect dues and completed application at next meeting.  Forward pertinent information on application to respective
committee heads.
•        Notify President, Treasurer, Yearbook, Newsletter, Hospitality, and Website of new member.
•        Provide new member with Bylaws.
•        Introduce new member during meeting.
•        Submit annual membership list to FGCCT and pay FGCCT dues.
•        Send notice of paid members to Yearbook chairman by December 15.
•        Submit new member's information and dues to FGCCT quarterly.
•        Distribute Yearbooks to individual members.
•        Maintain stock of Yearbooks for future members.

Memorial Garden

•        Maintain a list of deceased members honored in brick walkway.
•        Send letter to family of newly deceased member informing them of Memorial Garden pathway.  
•        Order and pick up new brick from Brick & Stone.  Place brick in pathway.


•        Compile and email to Website quarterly newsletter.
•        Maintain file of past newsletters for reference.
•        Maintain current membership list.


•        Annually obtain candidates willing to serve in all officer positions.
•        Present slate to Board at July Board Meeting for approval.
•        Submit approved slate to Newsletter Chairman for August newsletter.
•        Present Board approved slate at the Annual Meeting for membership vote.


•        Email information on monthly programs to FGCCT News.
•         Submit information on monthly programs and fundraisers to Club's website manager.
•        Announce  open meetings in local newspapers, Litchfield-bz, and WZBG.  
•        Prepare any special publicity for newspapers and other media as needed for fundraising and other events.


•        Submit scholarship criteria and applications to Wamogo principal and head of guidance department in October.  The
deadline for applying is  April 15.
•        Periodically check with guidance department.
•        Arrange schedule of interviews with guidance department.
•        Inform Board members of recommended scholarship recipient at May Board Meeting for vote of approval.
•        Present scholarship recipient at July or other membership meeting agreed upon.  
•        Provide information to the publicity chairman.
•        Maintain a permanent record of scholarship recipients.  


•        Maintain scrapbook of Club events including newspaper articles.
•        Maintain all historical records.
•        Photograph Club events and print for scrapbook.


•        Send cards to members who are hospitalized or ill, and send flowers when appropriate.
•        Send sympathy cards as appropriate.

Town Beautification

•        Organize annual spring clean-up and plantings.
•        Organize fall plantings and clean-up and other special plantings.
•        Prepare schedule of volunteers for weekly maintenance watering and weeding.  
•        Obtain reimbursement from American Legion Post for plants and wreaths at veterans' monuments


•        Design pages and determine the layout of the website.
•         Monitor and maintain website  to keep it current.  
•        Receive and publish member submissions including photos and our quarterly newsletter.


•        Compile Yearbook submissions.
•        Update Yearbook and prepare for printing.
•        Design a cover for the Yearbook.
•        Include other illustrations and/or quotations as desired.
•        Distribute Yearbooks to  Membership Chairman for distribution at February meeting.