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Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day - October 14th
Pre-Registration Required - Register with your Town Hall

What to Bring

Recycling Information

Town of Goshen Recycling & Trash Guide

Single stream recycling is here!

Your residential recycling contractor is:
USA Hauling & Recycling
PHONE: (860) 379-1662
(Please call for bins & residential curbside recycling pickup issues)

It pays to recycle!
Our taxes pay for solid waste (garbage/trash) by the ton: therefore, when you
recycle you are reducing the weight of your garbage, and saving money on taxes!
Recycle - it's good for the Town budget, perfect for the Earth, and it's the law!

I'm a resident, so how do I recycle & what do I do with trash?
The Town of Goshen does not have a transfer station, but offers free curbside
recycling pickup and once monthly scrap metal & tire pickup. Place your recycling
at the curb by 6:00 am on your recycling day (routes can be found here). Goshen
participates in single stream recycling. You place all allowable items in one bin
without sorting. It is required that you secure all newspapers, office paper, etc.
because they will blow out of the bin. Even though no sorting is required, please
clean all items before recycling. For hazardous household waste & electronics
there are special regional collection days.
The Town pays for the weight of your weekly solid waste/garbage/trash if you use
a Town permitted private hauler. The Town does not pay for the service of the
hauler, or the weight of roll-off containers or temporary dumpsters. A list of
permitted haulers is available on the Trash Haulers Listing page.

What do I do if I don’t have a bin? Do I own my bin? And what if I have too much
recycling for one bin?
If you don’t have a Green or Blue Town of Goshen bin, please call (860) 379-1662
for a bin. Each household should have one bin, so if you move please leave it for the
next owner.

What are other recycling options?
Goshen offers pickup of scrap metal & tires!
This service is offered on the first Friday of each month. To schedule a pickup,
please call (860) 379-1662
Items that will be accepted include, but are not limited to:
Washers, dryers, air conditioners, stoves, hot water tanks
Dishwashers, tire rims, swing sets, lawn mowers (fluids removed)
Tires: automotive tires and tubes only (no tractor tires)
Refrigerators and freezers (must have doors removed)
Appliances containing Freon require a sticker from the Town Hall (Fiscal Office)
and a fee paid. Call (860) 491-2308 ext. 228 for more information on how to obtain
a sticker.
In the spring and fall, the Town of Goshen participates in Regional Household
Hazardous Waste Days & Electronics Recycling Days. Recycling of these items is
required by the State of CT DEEP. Please see the Town of Goshen website www.
goshenct.gov for more information, including: items accepted, dates, registration
info, and locations. On this website you will find other recycling events available to
town residents (shredding events etc).

What items should be in my curbside bin?
Recycle these items in your bin:
Paper (newspaper, junk mail, magazines, catalogs, envelopes)
Secure newspapers and office paper to keep them from being blown out of the
recycling bin.
Clean cardboard and boxboard
Paper egg cartons
Paper bags
Office and school papers
Empty glass jars and bottles
Aluminum cans and clean foil
Empty tin and steel aerosol cans
All plastic containers labeled # 1 through # 7
Automobile batteries
Motor oil and antifreeze
Do not recycle these items in your bin:
Plastic bags
Food waste
Food tainted items (used paper plates or boxes, paper towels or paper napkins)
Polystyrene or Styrofoam
Motor oil bottles
Hazardous chemical containers
Plastic toys or sporting goods
Electronics or batteries
CDs or DVDs
Foam egg cartons
Ice cream cartons
Light bulbs
Yard waste or garden tools
Pots and pans
Phone books
Pizza boxes
Mirrors or window glass

Goshen is a mid-connecticut project town, and sends all recycling and solid waste
(trash) to the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority facility in Hartford. Solid
waste (trash) is burned to create electricity - this is called trash-to-energy.