Horticultural Therapy
Each month a group of our dedicated members and several
non-members visit area nursing homes to visit the patients
and help them make small flower arrangements to take back
and enjoy in their rooms.  This is a very rewarding project for
those who attend and they would love to have more members
join them.  
Please contact Judi Armstrong if you would like to help.
Horticultural Therapy Schedule

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2PM

1st Tuesday  -  Wolcott Hall
2nd Tuesday  -  Litchfield Woods
3rd Tuesday  -  Valerie Manor
2nd Thursday  -  Rose Haven
3rd Thursday  -  Paradign Healthcare
4th Thursday  -  Torrington Rehab
Garden Club Members on a recent Monday
evening covering cans for flower arrangements
at area nursing homes.
Horticultural Therapy at Torrington Rehab
with member Laura Dunn and Bailey,
her therapy dog!
Horticultural Therapy at Wolcott Hall
February 2014
subitted by Judi Armstrong
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Photos above submitted by Shirley Pedone
Photos above submitted by Judi Armstrong