In Memoriam
The Goshen Garden Club recently lost a very special member,
Donna Lagueux, after a brief illness.  Donna, with a smile on
her face, was always willing to do anything we needed her to
with much enthusiasm.  We will miss her so much.
Donna Lagueux
RN at hospitals, nurse educator

GOSHEN — Ms. Donna Lagueux passed away on October 15, 2016,
peacefully and surrounded by family and a lifelong friend.
She is survived by her mother, Lorraine Lagueux of Wethersfield, CT.
She was predeceased by her father, Clem Lagueux, and a sister, Linda
She was a graduate of Wethersfield High School and received her BS
from GHCC and her MS in nursing education at the University of
Hartford. She worked as an RN at the Manchester, Waterbury and
Charlotte-Hungerford hospitals. She was a nurse educator at
Naugatuck Valley and GHCC nursing schools. She was an active
member of the Goshen Garden Club and Goshen Culture Club.
She leaves behind her beloved partner of 37 years, Dr. Hossein
Tehrani; her lifelong friend, Barbara Hesse; her sisters, Diane Landry
and her husband, Gates, of Ocala, FL, and Carol Palombizio of
Wethersfield; a brother, Ken Lagueux and his wife, Anne; and many
nieces and nephews. She also leaves her extended family, Edward and
Steve Tehrani, Joanne and Brooks Krutop, and two grandsons, Griffin
and Walter.
A graveside service will be held Oct. 24, 2016, 10:30 a.m. at Rose Hill
Memorial Park, 580 Elm St., Rocky Hill, CT.
In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Goshen Community
Hospice Care, P.O. Box 202, Goshen, CT 06756.

Remembrances of Donna Lagueux

Our Dear Friend and
Fellow Goshen Garden ClubMember

                     October 24, 2016

                        Tributes to Donna Lagueux
                       Our Dear Friend and Colleague
Donna was a long time Goshen Garden Club member and her presence will be missed greatly by all who called her
their friend.
Donna was enthusiastic and very creative in all that she undertook, whether it was designing and putting together
fantastic raffle baskets for our fundraisers or needlepointing beautiful nametags for our members.  Her smile and
warmth to our new members, instantly made them feel welcome.

In addition to being a beautiful person on the inside, Donna was just as beautiful on the outside.  She had her gorgeous
long dark brown hair that we all envied and a warm, winning smile.

Donna came throughout the summer to water aerobics classes twice weekly.  She was always pleasant and happy and
enjoyed the exercises among her friends at Woodridge Lake.  On top of that, nobody wore a white bathing suit better
than Donna!  She always looked beautiful!

When I visited Donna recently she was upbeat, smiling and positive about her treatments.  I left feeling relieved that
she was comfortable both physically and emotionally.

We all wish her peace now and are comforted that our dear Donna no longer has any pain.

On behalf of the Goshen Garden Club I extend our sincere sympathy to Hossein and all of her family.  We were
fortunate to have had her in our lives and will remember her with great warmth and admiration.

Dolores Raimo
Goshen Garden Club

The following are some tributes and remembrances of Donna from Goshen Garden Club members.

,To Donna's family, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.  I have known Donna for many years in the Goshen Garden
Club.  I helped her for many years by helping her to sell raffle tickets; she always had a smile on her face and was
always willing to lend a helping hand.  Our hearts and prayers are with you.
Darlene Stansfield

I remember Donna for her smiling face, her kindness, and her friendly laughter by the pool on the sunny summer
afternoons. I remember her sweet whisper welcoming me and my husband at the hospital last week. Of asking if we'd
autographed our books for her. I remember the look of hope in her eyes to go home soon. There are no words to
describe how much I'll miss her.

'On the path of love we are neither masters nor the owners of our lives. We are only a brush in the hand of the Master
Painter. __Rumi".
Nikoo Goldrick  

I did not know Donna, but did see her & her husband walking their dog many times @ Woodridge.   We always
exchanged a greeting.    Then when I joined the Garden Club, I saw that she was a member.     Very nice person.  My
condolences to her husband & family.
Doris Duvall

Donna was my best friend and like a sister to me. The loss is unimaginable. I will miss her dearly Everyday. She
brought me into the Garden Club.
Marianne Arancio Stilson

Several years ago Donna took on the daunting task of coordinating the Baskets for the GGC fundraiser.  She invited
me to her house to put the finishing touches on a basket as only she could do.  I was blown away when she led me to
a large room that is a crafters dream come true.  It looked like a mini Michaels with everything imaginable to make
gorgeous baskets.  Her baskets were truly spectacular, and each included her love, gracious smile & awesome laugh!!  
I will miss you, my dear friend.  So long for now!!  
Arlene Stewart

We will all miss Donna with her beautiful hair and signature braid and smile.  
She was a friend to everyone.  Donna was eager to be helpful and always took on responsibility to "get the job done".  
To family and friends, my deepest sympathy and prayers.
Forever in my heart,
Shirley Pedone.  

I remember Donna as always smiling, always helpful-everyone's loss. My condolences to her family since I am unable
to attend either the service or reception.
Cathy Nygren

What a love! Donna thought of others long before she thought of herself. I met her when I joined the Garden Goddess
group. Donna signed up to have the group help her solve some gardening questions. When we met, Donna was
prepared to take notes and implement suggestions to grow the best plants in her garden so her love would enjoy life in
the outdoors. Her love was Hossein.
Josie Radocchio  

When I think of Donna the first thing I remember is her incredible smile.  She was so friendly and, even though she
was not feeling well, helped a new water aerobics class member in the pool this summer.  My friend Lynn, who had
just joined the group, asked me who the friendly and helpful woman in the red bathing suit was.  I have worked on
many garden club projects with Donna over the years and her enthusiasm was contagious.  When I told Lynn that I
was going to visit Donna at Litchfield Woods several weeks ago she insisted in going with me.  I will miss her very
much and think back to a recent day when she called and asked if I would get her something to eat at KFC because the
food there was so bad and she couldn't eat it.  She enjoyed and ate almost all of her food.  We had a good visit that day
and learned things about each other that we hadn't known before.  I am so glad that I dropped what I was doing and
went to see her.  I will forever treasure our friendship.
Susanna Shirlock

"It was a pleasure to know Donna. A lovely, warm and gracious woman. I will always smile when thinking of her.
Judith Armstrong

I wanted to share with you my thoughts about your dearest Donna...
March of 2015 I went to the Goshen Garden Club for the first time. My dear friend Holly & I recently became Master
Gardeners and we were looking for a Garden Club that had good lectures. There was supposed to be a lecture on
Mosses. We were warmly greeted by the membership table and signed in and gave our $5.00 for the luncheon too.
Then this bright-eyed wide smiling woman came over and hugged us - it was Donna. Holly knew her from her days of
working at Waterbury hospital. I was drawn to Donna's genuine kindness. She made me feel like I belonged there. The
following month when we came back - again - there was Donna - big hugs for us and then she was telling us the
ropes of what was going on there - the who is who of the club, etc.. Holly said - I’m joining - these people are great
and the lectures and food are wonderful! Then in mid April the GGC were going to have a welcome party for the new
members - Holly, me and one other woman - wow! This is great! And again Donna was there welcoming us - she
even had hand cross stitched my name onto the name tag! I have a long name - so I was thrilled she got it all on there!
She was such a joy to be around - I would look for her at meetings. In May it was the GGC Plant sale. We were asked
to bring donations for the raffles - I wasn’t sure what to do - so I brought some of the marble coasters and hot plate
that I had hand stamped. Donna was so complimentary of them - she actually won them in the raffle and told me
afterwards how happy she was to get them! That really touched me and made me feel so happy. She was a very
special person to me and I know I didn’t know her long - but she was the kind of person you only needed to meet
once - if you were so lucky - to feel her genuine warmth.
May your fond memories sustain you through this difficult time. May peace be with you soon.
My thoughts and prayers are with you,
Susan Chapin Manzi

I had the pleasure of working with Donna at Waterbury Hospital. When I came to my first Goshen Garden Club
meeting, there was Donna, and as always she greeted me with a big hug and kiss. She was so happy to see me and
was so excited to tell me about the garden club, and by the end of that meeting I wrote the check for my membership
dues! Donna continued to guide me, and supported and encouraged me to engage in lots of activities. But best of all I
asked her if she could stitch a red rose on my nametag and she did! She told me that she searched several patterns to
find the "perfect rose" for me. Donna always went the extra mile in everything she did personally and professionally,
she was a very warm and caring nurse and I’m honored to say she was also my friend.
Holly Florio

Donna was a wonderful friend and an extraordinary person. She always had a kind word for everyone and was happy
to help people in any way possible. She was often asked for medical advice and shared her knowlege freely. If you
were in need, Donna was there to help.

Donna loved life, Hossein, Bijan and family.  Her Florida home made her so happy. When she came home in the spring
raving about the ballet classes and fun that she had, it was heartwarming. I'm so glad she had the winter.

Her beloved Hossein was so important to her. She always considered him before she made any plans and loved driving
him places and taking the boat out together. They had a true love story for 37 years.

We had fun together too. When she took over the Membership committee for the Garden Club I knew it was in good
hands. She was a dedicated and tireless worker. Who can forget all those raffle baskets! She did a super job raffling
them off - always giving credit to those who donated. She could make a bunch of assorted junk into a treasure.

Donna and I had birthdays a day apart and we always went to lunch to celebrate. It might be many months later but
we tried to connect. We also spent many hours at the pool discussing life and family. I loved how she called me "Miz
Betty".  My last visit was shortly before her last hospitalization. She wanted a Kit Kat bar. Her famous sweet tooth was
still kicking in. I knew she wouldn't be with us for long and was glad Barbara came to help. What a wonderful friend!

I'm glad she had a peaceful end. Both Chris and I are devasted by her passing. She has left a big hole in our hearts and
in Goshen. She will be remembered fondly and sorely missed. Our loving thoughts go out to Hossein and the family.

With love,
Betty and Chris Cosgrove

There are some people that you meet who immediately make you feel welcomed and cared about from the first
"hello".  Donna was that kind of person.

When my husband and I moved here, we knew no one.  While walking one of our dogs, I saw a lady with a little dog
walking towards us with a warm smile and a friendly waive.  She introduced herself and Bijou and from that time
forward we were friends.

On one occasion, there were things troubling me which I related to her.  She listened, gave me helpful feedback and
then said, "Leya, if you need help,or need to talk,  just call me.

That was Donna.   I have come to learn that Donna was like that with so many of us. She went out of her way to
make others feel good.  

And I know wherever she is, she is helping another soul make it through a rough time with understanding and grace.

I miss you, Donna.
Leya Edison