The Goshen Garden Club maintains the gardens near the red barn at
the entrance to the Public Works Department.  The Memorial Garden is a
tribute to all of our members and has a walkway that contains the names of
many of our deceased members who have contributed so much to the club.  On
June 5, 2008 as part of our 75th Anniversary Celebration we formally
dedicated this garden.  To view the details of this celebration, please view the
75th Anniversary Celebration page.
These photos of our Memorial Garden were taken in August of 2008.  The
beautiful flowers are the result of the countless hours spent by our members
planting, watering, dead-heading and weeding
Please click on each photo for a larger view.
Photos Courtesy of Susanna Shirlock
The photos below were taken on July 10, 2011
by garden club member Susanna Shirlock
Our members have done a wonderful job taking care of this garden!
Please click on each photo for a larger view.
Memorial Garden

Thanks to all of our talented and enthusiastic volunteers who turned out this week-end and this
morning to plant, weed and mulch at the Red Barn and Camp Coch!  They both look beautiful.

Thanks to:

Anne Gustafson, Dale Lynch, Kerwin Mayers, Joe Pedone, Shirley Pedone, Betty Cosgrove
Marcie Hladik, Josie Radocchio, Carol Perham, Jen Duhy, Marilyn Shull, Cathy Nygren, Cathy
Felton, Kate Pease, Doris Duvall,
Dolores Raimo.

Special Thanks to Carl Contindini for picking up and delivering two truck loads of mulch to the Red
Barn.  He brought along a wonderful assistant , Jake, who helped with the heavy work
These photos were taken by our President Dolores Raimo in June 2016
at our Memorial Garden and at Camp Coch.
Click on each photo for a larger view