President's Letter and Club Information
2016 Officers

Dolores Raimo

Pam Fitzgerald
Kathleen Danielczuk
Vice Presdents

Marianne Stilson

Kathe Skibisky

Anne Gustafson
Past President

Marilyn Shull

Judi Armstrong
Horticultural Therapy

Mary Winslow

Kathy Nygren
Library Flowers

Kate Pease

Mary Winslow

Dolores Raimo

Kathleen Danielczuk
Pam Fitzgerald

Marjorie Morris

To Be Determined
Scrapbook Historian

Arlene Stewart

Peggy Ricker

Dale Lynch
Carol Perham
Town Beautification

Shirley Pedone
Memorial Walkway

Susanna Shirlock

Holly Florio
Susan Chapin Manzi

Martha Soliday
Rosemary Bonaguide
Plant Sale

Fall Fundraiser

Hi Everyone,
   We're off to a good start this year!    We have a fantastic speaker for our
Fall Fundraiser lined up.  Scott Haney, WFSB 3, Connecticut, weatherman
and TV personality will be our speaker in November!  Last week we had a
planning meeting for the year to come.  Board members, as well as
committee chairpersons were present and it was very productive. We
discussed, among other issues, our Fall Fundraiser for 2016 and Scott
Haney's name was brought up.  He's very well known and is quite
entertaining.  Marianne Stilson offered to reach out to him and see if he
would be interested in being our guest speaker-and he was!  He's very
knowledgeable and funny and so many people know him that I'm sure we'll
have big turnout. Thank you Marianne!
   Keep warm and I hope to see you on February 4th!


Happy New Year to All!!

  Wishing all of our Goshen Garden Club members, and their families, lots
of health, happiness, joy and blossoming in all areas of our lives!
  This year started out with a little snow on the ground and we're
reminded that it really is winter.  We had some beautifully mild weather for
the past few months - apologies to the skiers - but blessings to all others
who drive and travel.
  My Christmas Cactus surprised me that it was indeed truly alive and
blessed me with the best, most luscious flowers ever! I found it
remarkable, since I though I took care of it and it was seemingly alive, it
might not flower again -but it did!

  Perhaps this is a lesson and inspiration for all of us for the new year that
there's still plenty of life left in us and to be open to some beautiful
surprises!  Let's make it happen in 2016!

*There is no general membership meeting this month.  There will be,
however, a meeting of the Board of Directors and Committee
Chairpersons, to review this year's plans and goals. If you have any
suggestions or recommendations as to how to help make our club even
more productive, enjoyable and contributing to our community, please
email me, and all of your input will be discussed.

Mary Winslow has requested that you check your 2015 yearbook to
refresh your memory as to which month you had volunteered to serve on
the luncheon committee.  If you would like to remain on that month, fine, if
that doesn't work for you please email Mary at,
as soon as possible.  We are in the process of printing our new yearbook
for 2016 and would like all of the information correct so it will be ready for
you for our February 4th meeting.

    A special thanks to Anne Gustafson and all of the board members,
committees and of course our wonderful members, who worked so hard
to make our 2015 year the success that it was!

                                                                               Enjoy the rest of the holiday!