Recent Library Flowers
Flowers are donated to The Goshen Public Library by
members of our cluband provide much enjoyment each
week to patrons and employees.
Please be sure to stop by the library to see how beautiful
they areand to check out some great reading material.
Jack Kelley
Marcey Hladik
Cathy Felten
Brigitte Michaud
Lynn Perlotto
Judy Fisher
Maria Miranda
Lori Clinton
Lucy Hudock
Barbara Behar
Catherine Mosey
Diane Withstandly
Kerwin Mayers
Anne Gustafson
Kate Pease
Barbara Pappalardo
Brigitte Michaud
Betty Cosgrove
Rosemary Bonaguide
Cathy Felten
Laura Dunn
Anita Kujawski
Marilyn Shull
Cynthia Swope